Visit with 500+ contracted suppliers to discover their latest offerings.

Accelerate your learning during the 150+ concurrent sessions offered.

Continuing Ed
Member Education Sessions
Executive Track

Recognizing innovative, community programs that help the medically underserved.

Recognizing the outstanding performance work of member and supplier organizations.

Honoring a member organization that is a trusted partner to Premier’s mission.

Celebrating leading healthcare advancements and supplier commitment to innovation.

Connect with peers from across the healthcare industry.


Exhibiting at only one event this year? Make it this one.

Imagine a single event that gets your product or service in front of healthcare industry leaders – everyone from the chief executive officer to information technologists and physicians alike. Sales. Networking. Promotion. Competitive intel. Breakthroughs 2020 gives you an unprecedented opportunity to accomplish it all in just threedays.


Increase your brand awareness and make an impact on your target audience through a variety of advertising opportunities.

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Market your product or service to key executives and decision-makers during the dedicated six-hour window reserved for the trade show.

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Networking opportunities abound at Breakthroughs, offering you many possibilities to meet with Premier’s staff and members in attendance.

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