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Breakthroughs 2020Update

2020 Breakthroughs Conference and Exhibition Update

Premier has always been at the forefront of our nation’s healthcare system. Through our advocacy, technology and innovation, we are dedicated to helping our members, and health systems across the country, deliver the highest quality care. Our annual Breakthroughs conference, attended by almost 5,000 healthcare leaders and clinicians across the country, showcases Premier’s unique partnership with healthcare systems, providers, suppliers, and healthcare-related industries.

With the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, Premier has activated our business continuity and disaster preparedness protocols. We are closely monitoring guidance provided by the CDC and our members regarding the situation.

At this time, Premier’s 2020 Breakthroughs Conference and Exhibition will take place as originally scheduled on June 23-26 in Nashville, TN.

Premier understands the commitment that our members, suppliers and partners make in both attending and supporting our annual Breakthroughs Conference, while we also must consider the health and well-being of our employees and attendees. We will continually monitor the latest guidance from the CDC and the Tennessee Department of Health as it relates to large public gatherings.

Premier’s annual Breakthroughs Conference is one of the most anticipated events in the industry and provides a unique opportunity to share best practices and education on many of healthcare’s most important issues. We believe this dialogue is also critical to the industry’s continued ability to implement disaster preparedness and infectious disease protocols.

In the event we receive drastically different guidance from the CDC or Tennessee Department of Health – or other state Departments of Health directly impacting our employees or a large number of members and suppliers – we will contact our attendees as soon as possible. Because members attend at no charge, you may cancel at any time for any reason. Please remember, your arrangements for travel and accommodations can be made at any time as you and your organization evaluate current health safety guidance and recommendations.

Our thoughts are with all of you on the frontlines. We are grateful for all you do, and we look forward to thanking you in person in Nashville.

COVID-19 Resources

Premier’s Business Continuity and Disaster Preparedness Response teams are activated and regularly updating resources to support our members and suppliers. For more information, members may visit Premier’s Disaster Preparedness Response Community or the Premier Safety Institute®.

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